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The Society has Three Printed Newsletters each year with President's Report and with specific time and location for all hikes and lectures.  All of our events are free and open to the public ,though we depend upon memberships to cover our expenses.  The left two columns show the web version newsletter with map links to our events, the right column is the newlstter as mailed with no map links.  All files < 100k in size.


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              ----What you missed---

What you missed- On Saturday April 6, 2024 we visited Kamama Prairie in Adams County. About 20 attended on this nice 48 degree spring day. Group Photo (Leader John Howard in plaid shirt) , Carolina Whitlow Grass , Tinted Woodland Spurge , young leaves of Sullivant’s Coolwort . Photos by AC and Donna Parry.

On Saturday March 23, 2024, Nick Ludwig and Angela Carter led our group of 10 to Versailles State Park in Indiana. We started at Schimmerhorn Parking Lot and walked east along the lake through the high quality woods. Worth a visit by yourself, A park map is available at Weather cold 33 and windy. Group Photo , Snow Trillium

On Wednesday March 20, 2024 Angela Carter led a small group to Newberry Wildlife Sanctuary, part of Hamilton County Parks. The first of her Wednesday Wanders.

What you missed- On Friday March 8, 2024, we enjoyed a great potluck, followed by the Society’s annual meeting. Christine Hadley, Randy Johnson, and Pat Coyle were re-elected to the Board. The attendees approved the Society’s plan to contribute $500 to each of the following groups for land acquisition of natural areas: Nature Conservancy, Arc of Appalachia, Cardinal Land Conservancy, and Western Wildlife Corridor.

Dr. Walter Carson then presented a thought-provoking talk on “Biodiversity Collapse and the Future of the Eastern Deciduous Forest Biome”. His research studied 3 things that have a significant impact on forest health, and the most impactful is … ! To learn the answer, watch the video of the lecture
here , lecture starts at the 4-minutes mark. 

The results are useful for those restoring forests to a natural and diverse habitat. Over 35 in attendance at the Gathering at Northern Hills, as well as many Zoom attendees.

What you missed- On Sunday Feb 18, 2024 Nick Ludwig and Angela Carter led a hike at Richardson Forest Preserve in northern Hamilton County.  Fifteen attended on a nice winter day. Group PhotoSkunk Cabbage  - Photos by AC

What you missed- On Friday Feb 9, 2024 Matt Klooster presented a fine talk “Masters of Deception: The Biology of Non-Photosynthetic Plants of Southeast Ohio”. About 38 in attendance at Avon Woods, and about 20 Zoom attendees. The video recording is available here . (Actual Lecture starts at 5 min mark, questions at the 57:20 mark.)

What you missed- On Sunday Feb 4, 2024 our group of 16 had a one-hour tour at the Cincinnati Art Museum on the subject “Nature and Art”. Starting with the fine Robert Duncanson painting “The Blue Hole” (a location still existing on the Little Miami River in John Bryan State Park) in rooms 106-07 and continuing through the Cincinnati Wing to room 126 with the large Rookwood Pieces.  We then had lunch at the Terrace Café. You may visit this free museum yourself or view the art at here. or
Due to the great interest in this event, we are making plans to repeat it later this year, so all can enjoy!

What you missed- On Saturday November 18, 2023, our group of 14 cut honeysuckle at Avon Woods. Thanks to all who helped. 

What you missed- On Saturday November 11, 2023, our group of 10 cut honeysuckle at UC’s property Hazelwood/Benedict Preserve. Thanks to all who helped.  Group Photo

What you missed- On Friday, November 10, 2023, Matthew Speights presented a program "Lighting up the Shadows: Fireflies in the Midwest". He described our many different species, some with predatory behavior, and each with their different flashing patterns. He will lead a firefly hike for us at Bender Mountain on Saturday June 29. 40 in attendance at Avon Woods plus many Zoomers. Photos- Short Video (25MB) , Our speaker and favorite book.

What you missed - Sunday, October 29, 2023- Our Group of about 35 including our Society, Cincinnati Wild Ones, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, & Wilmington College students removed invasives on our 15th annual Honeysuckle Blitz, working in the Area below the Dam at Caesar Creek. The rain stopped when we started! Much accomplished in this beautiful natural area. Thanks to Jim Mason, Christine Hadley, and Debi Wolterman for organizing this event, and all the workers, too. Short video as lunch ends, is here .

What you missed- On Saturday October 14, 2023 Jim Mason and Christine Hadley lead the restoration project at Caesar Creek Nature Center, within Caesar Creek State Park. Our group of 30 removed bush honeysuckle, burning bush and other invasives. Native plants are being planted in the pond and the prairie is being improved. Pizza for lunch. This project in memory of Janet Lasley who was one of the founders of the Dayton Area Wild Ones. Short video is here. Volunteers are meeting there every Thursday. If you want to volunteer, contact

What you missed- On Friday October 13, 2023 John Howard of Adams County presented “Rare Encounters in Southern Ohio” at Avon Woods Nature Center. He described his many projects including mysteries of local rattlesnakes, rare and beautiful wildflowers, underwater time-lapse photograghy with hellbenders, bucket camera-traps that chronicle all the passing animals. .  40 in attendance plus 18 by Zoom. Video of talk is here. Note- The speaker is John Howard though the little screen in upper right says "Bob ..." who owns the computer.

What you missed- On Sunday Oct 8, 2023, Dave Kuehner led a small group to the unique habitat at Hazeldell Meadow in Pulaski County, KY. - PDF Reminder , Group photo , Soapwort Gentian , Nodding Lady's Tresses, Dwarf Sundew - Photos by AC

What you missed- On Sunday October 1, 2023 our leaders Wayne Wauligman and Denis Conover led our small group of families on a walk in Howard Creek. This is near the UC Field Station in Miami Whitewater Forest. Great adventure for the kids and adults.  PHOTOS- Group Photocricket frog , leopard frog , green frog , how to hold crawdadtwo-lined salamander larva , soil with mystery holes. Go to for details other upcoming events.

What you missed- On Friday September 8, 2023, we enjoyed our Photo-Sharing program at Avon Woods Nature Center (& by Zoom). Six people shared their photos, with about 20 attending the meeting.

What you missed- On Saturday Sept 2, 2023 we visited Jean’s Glade in Madison County, KY. The Gentiana alba (=flavida)  was lovely as always. Host Ann provided a wonderful lunch buffet and we could wander her gardens as well as see the cream gentians. To read more about this site, goto . 14 in attendance, included 6 of Ann’s friends. Photos- Cream Gentian , Lunch . Notes and photos by AC.

What you missed- On Sunday July 30, 2023, Dave Nolin led our group for a hike at the beautiful Huffman Prairie near Dayton. 20 in attendance on a sunny 87 temp day. If you missed the trip, all info in archived reminder here . Photos by AC . Group Photo (D. Nolin in orange shirt, left of sign). Prairie 1 (Royal Catchfly, coneflower, Rosepink, Bergamot) , Prairie 2 (Liatris sp.), Giant Swallowtail, Male Glade Mallow, Tall Blue Larkspur

Email Reminder sent Thursday July 27 2023.pdf   Wild Flower Society- Sunday Morning at Huffman Prairie- important driving info included

What you missed - On Sat June 10, 2023, we visited Butterfly Ridge Butterfly Conservation Area in Hocking County, Ohio- Photos by AC- Group Photo (not shown Christine and Jim), Banded Hairstreak, Pipevine Swallowtail Caterpillars, Firepink, Lily-Leaved Twayblade orchid.

What you missed On Sunday, June 4, 2023, we (together with Northside Greenspace) had our annual Potluck Picnic at Keystone Flora in Wooden Shoe Hollow. Very enjoyable for all, great food and conversation in a beautiful place. Informal tours of the plant nursery. We thank owner Steve Slack for hosting this nice event. Temp 87 mostly sunny. Website is Photos- Food Table , Enjoying Lunch , Tents and people , Steve Slack & Debi , Karen & Stan , Tim & Laurie , Anita Christine and Jim

What you missed- On Saturday May 13, 2023 our group of 11 pulled garlic mustard at the Caesar Creek State Nature Preserve on Corwin Road. Thanks to all who helped. Group photo , Truck with Garlic mustard

What you missed- Saturday May 6, 2023 - The Wilderness Preserve, Adams County, Ohio.

What you missed- Sunday May 7, 2023, Rinsky Woods, Clermont County, Ohio

What you missed- On Sat April 22, 2023  Marjie Becus lead our group in beautiful Halls Creek Woods State Nature Preserve near South Lebanon, Ohio. Photos by AC - Group on trail, Wild Hyacinth, Large flowered trillium, Golden Alexander, spiderwort

What you missed- On Sat April 22, 2023 Christine Hadley had a Society table at the Zoo’s Earthday Event. Bob Bergstein had a table, and led a walk at the Earthday event at Burnet Woods. Plants seen with photos

What you missed- On Sunday April 23, 2023, Angela Carter led our small group doing a bioblitz at Caldwell, entering our data into I-Naturalist.

What you missed- On Sunday April 16, 2023, the Society carpooled to Newberry Wildlife Sanctuary, a property of Hamilton County Parks, near Northgate. On this trip which had been rescheduled from March, the group of 10 was led by Angela Carter, who provides these photos. Group Photo, Eastern Red Backed Salamander, Southern Two lined Salamander, Blue Cohosh, tiny 3 petals False Mermaid, grand 3 petals Trillium grandiflorum.

What you missed- On Saturday April 15, 2023, the Society visited the Edge of Appalachia (McKenzie Run Stream Valley) in Adams County, Ohio. Rich McCarty of the Nature Conservancy and Chris Bedel of the Cincinnati Museum Center led the group of 12 for an exciting off trail hike. This property is on Waggoner Riffle Road, south of the Eulett Center.  Angela Carter provided these nice photos. Group Photo, Fallen Beech Flowers, Golden Seal, Wild Red Columbine, Spotted Mandarin, False Garlic.

What you missed- On Friday March 10, 2023 the Society had its annual meeting. The Society voted to approve donations of $500 each to the Western Wildlife Corridor, the Arc of Appalachia, and the Nature Conservancy of Ohio, for land acquisition. Mike Jagoditz and Pat Coyle were elected to the Board. Much thanks to retiring Jacob Keshtvarz and Jodi Sparks.

After the delicious potluck, Mark Zloba, ecological manager at the Edge of Appalachia presented a fine program about amazing creatures and ongoing research there, including rattlesnakes, woodrats, lightning bugs, … About 45 in attendance at Northern Hills (and more including zoomers).

What you missed- On Friday February 10, 2023, Dr. Glenn Storrs, vertebrate paleontologist at the Cincinnati Museum Center presented a program “Big Bone Lick –Cradle of Paleontology”. He discussed the importance of the site both for the actual discoveries made there, and for it"s impact on the science of paleontology, including the then very new concept of extinction. This event had our largest in person attendance since we restarted live meetings in September 2022. At Avon Woods Nature Center, we had 46 in person, as well as 30 zoom attendees. The lecture was recorded and we hope to make it available soon.

What you missed- On Friday January 13, 2023, our program was "Untangling Equity and the Environment: The Future of Conservation and How We Get There”, presented by Tanner Yess, Co-Director of Groundwork Ohio River Valley. This organization works on expanding the human connection to nature in communities left behind by the environmental movement through engagement, education, and employment. He presented remotely to our group of 25 at Avon and 25 at home.

What you missed- On Saturday Jan 7, 2023 a group of our Society members, Cincinnati Park Staff, and a neighborhood group helped remove honeysuckle in the ravines south of the Avon Woods Nature Center. Thanks to all 17 who helped. Nice sunny winter day, temp 35. group photo 1,   photo 2

What you missed- On Sunday Dec 4, 2022, we first had a hike at the Reigart Road Area of Rentschler Forest Metro Park in Butler County. This was followed by our first in-person (30 people) potluck since Dec 2019. Our speaker Andy Dickerson told us of many projects of the new Cardinal Land Conservancy which is protecting land throughout Southwest Ohio.

What you missed- On November 19, 2022, our group of 8 worked removing honeysuckle at Avon Woods Preserve on a cold sunny winter day. The Society is exchanging our volunteer work for use of Avon Woods for five meetings each year. Thanks to Lisa, Rachel, Mike, James, Jenny, Drew, Rob R, and Bob B. Group Photo

What you missed- On Sunday Oct 30, 2022 we had our 14th annual Honeysuckle Blitz at Caesar Creek Gorge in the fine natural area below the damn. Thanks to the Society's Jim Mason, Christine Hadley and Debi Wolterman, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the 30 volunteers who helped. Photos- Jim Mason teaching volunteers, Gathering Tools

What you missed- On Sat June 18, 2022 Dan Boone, Jim Decker and Roger Beadles led a small group to Valley View Glades Natural Area & Victoria Glades, in Jefferson County, Missouri and then on Sunday to Tom Sauk. Much seen on a warm weekend.
Saturday group at Valley View Glades, Sunday group at Tom Sauk , Astragalus crassicarpus or ground plum , Clematis fremontii , Dalea purpurea  and Dalea candida, Echinacea simulate , Phemeranthus calycinus largeflower fameflower  , prairie coreopsis , wild quinine lead plant goats rue American Ipecac Arkansas Bedstraw prairie phlox field milkwort butterfly weed, Photos by AC

What you missed-On June 11, 2022, Dave Kuehner led our group of twelve on a visit to Lake Katherine State Nature Preserve, one of the most scenic natural areas near Cincy. Photos by Angela C. Group Photo , Indian Pipe , Wild Licorice , Fire pink , hairy skullcapmaidenhair fern.

What you missed- On Saturday June 4, 2022, Ohio state botanist Rick Gardner led a small group on a visit to Gross Memorial Woods State Nature Preserve, Shelby Co, Ohio, as they looked at Sedges among other plants in this flat wet old-growth forest.

What you missed- On Sunday June 5, 2022, the Society had their annual potluck picnic at Keystone Flora. Relaxing time had by all at this joint event with our sister group Northside Greenspace. Owner Steve Slack gave a tour at the conclusion. More info about the native plants available at Keystone at  

What you missed- On Saturday May 28, 2022, the Society assisted Preserve Burnet Woods in removing invasives, and also  Queen City Pollinator Project in installing native plants in the large concrete bowls near Trailside Nature Center. About 14 in attendance including several Cincy Park Staff.   Group Photo , Preserve Burnet Wood’s Cynthia after plants installed.

What you missed- On Saturday May 21, 2022 the Society assisted Preserve Burnet Woods, in pulling Garlic Mustard and invasives from Burnet Woods. Group Photo , Family photo

What you missed- On Saturday May 21, 2022 Rob Parateley led our group near Cumberland Falls in Kentucky. Photos soon.

What you missed- On Saturday May 14, 2022, there was a memorial service for Vic Soukup (who passed in late 2019) held at the Gathering at Northern Hills. This was arranged by Vic and Shirley’s four children.  There was nice classical music, and then many family and friends told of their memories of Vic. He had been active in the Society for over 50 years. More info in his obituary and info about his work in our herbarium . Photo- Four past Society Presidents, Jim Innes, Jim Williams, Christine Hadley, Bob Bergstein.

What you missed- On Saturday May 7, 2022, we had a successful invasive removal at Caesar Creek State Nature Preserve on Corwin Road. About 10 in attendance on a nice day. Click here for a photo of Christine Hadley, Marjie Becus, Eric Sagasser, and Jim Mason. If you haven't been there, the section of the trail by Caesar Creek is great for plants and birds!! Google maps now knows the trailhead parking lot location as “Caesar Creek Gorge State Nature Preserve, 4080 Corwin Road, Oregonia, OH”. Driving time from Cincinnati is about 45 minutes.

What you missed- On Sunday April 3, 2020, Bill Edwards led our group of 16 on the trails of Highland Cemetery in Northern Kentucky. Bill reports plants blooming 2 weeks late due to cool spring weather . Photos - Group photo , Rue Anemone, White trout lily, Yellow trout lily, sessile trillium, spring beauty , dutchman's breeches, bloodroot , steep rocky trail -photos by AC and JS - Weather cool 47, partly sunny. The planned Tue and Wed hikes were cancelled due to slippery trails.

What you missed- On Friday March 11, 2022 we had a zoom program “The Buzz about Ohio’s Bumble Bees” presented by Mitch Magdich (of the Toledo Zoo)He told us of the interesting annual life cycle of our natives, and gave information on identification. The best book is "Bumble Bees of North America - an Identification Guide". View first 50 pages free here  . Another fine guide is here .
He also described the Wild Toledo initiative which promotes native prairies at Toledo area schools . About 40 in attendance.

What you missed- On Saturday March 5, 2022, we visited Coyote Run State Nature Preserve in Fairfield County, Ohio. Fourteen (including leaders) in attendance on this visit to Ohio’s newest State Nature Preserve which hosts some of the state’s best remaining wet wood habitats. Pin and swamp white oaks, red maple, beech and cottonwoods, and vernal pools with salamanders and frogs. The property was generously donated by David Hogue & Tammy Miller. Nice video at  Photos- Group Photo (Lisa Haglund, Barry & Jeanne Rhinehart, Mike Jenior, Angela Carter, David Hogue & Tammy Miller, David's brother, Trish Collins, Jim Osborn, Deb Marsh, David's son &?). Vernal Pools , chorus frogs , female small mouth salamander , female spotted salamander , Green darner nymph . Photos by AC

What you missed- On Friday February 11, 2022 , Dr Carl Brett presented a fine Zoom program “Crinoids: Lilies of the Ancient Seas”. These creatures in the same family as Sea Stars and Brittle Stars, have a long successful fossil record including our local Ordovician rocks, and crinoids still exist today. Over 70 in attendance.

What you missed- On Friday January 14, 2022 Rob Paratley, Director of the Kentucky University Herbarium  gave a Zoom Lecture title The Legume Family (Fabaceae):  An Extraordinary Example of Plant Evolution” in which he explored the features of this large and diverse family. Over 40 in attendance. 

What you missed- On Sunday December 12, 2021, Angela Carter led our group of 16 at Caldwell Nature Preserve for our Hardy Souls hike. Beautiful park with late afternoon sun, temp about 45. Photos – Group , Four Explorers , Marjie and AngelaOak leaves.

What you missed – On Sunday December 12, 2021 , “The Reptiles of Ohio, 2021” was presented by Doug Wynn. Doug described the hard work done to create the new authoritative book of Ohio’s Reptiles and then talked about some of his favorite creatures, snakes. About 40 in attendance.

What you missed- On Saturday Dec 4, 2021, the Society assisted “Preserve Burnet Woods” in removing invasive plants at Burnet Woods. Much accomplished by our group of 22 who worked for 3 hours, on a nice 39-50 temp day. Photo – Photo – Bill B and UC students. More photos at

What you missed- On Saturday Nov 21, 2021, we joined Cincinnati Parks for an invasive project at Avon Woods. About ten of us worked on a fine 45 degree day. Photos – Our crew , our Junior crew.

What you missed- On Saturday November 13, 2021, the Society joined UC in our annual Honeysuckle removal at UC’s  Benedict Preserve (originally “Hazelwood”). Much accomplished by our group of 12, with both chain saws and hand pulling/cutting. Weather grey and 45 temperature. This is a nice public preserve for a fall walk. Park at Johnson Nature Preserve (also open to the public) and walk down the trail to the adjacent Benedict. The address is 10840 Deerfield Road, Montgomery, OH 45242.

What you missed- On Friday November 12, 2021, Christopher Benda presented a fine Zoom program on "The Rare Plants of Southern Illinois", including photos and info on these plants, and the challenges of protecting them. He has an excellent website   with interviews and plant stories from the media, as well as a plant list and bio information. About 25 in attendance. 

What you missed- On Sunday October 31, 2021, the Society joined several other groups in our 13th annual cleanup at Caesar Creek State Nature Preserve, below the dam. Thanks to Jim Mason, Christine Hadley, Debi Wolterman and all for organizing this event, which has made a tremendous difference in this fine natural area.

What you missed- On Saturday October 16, 2021, at 9am, the Society assisted Preserve Burnet Woods in the ongoing project to remove invasives from the Park.  Thanks to the 20 who showed up on nice 55 degree day.

What you missed- On Friday October 8, 2021 we had a zoom lecture “Get the Jump on Jumping Worms” presented by Dr. Emily Imhoff, Zoology Collections Manager at Cincinnati Museum Center. More info later about this excellent talk.

What you missed- On Sunday Sept 26, 2021 the Society had a family hike at Howards Creek near the UC Field Station in Miami Whitewater Forest. This was part of the Great Outdoor Weekend.  Our leaders Wayne Wauligman and Denis Conover led our intrepid group of twenty as we walked up the creek, catching fish, frogs, crayfish and more. The kids were great. Weather- a beautiful sunny 60 morning. For photos, click and group photo.

What you missed- On Friday September 10, 2021, the Society had its annual photo-sharing program. Flower White and Society President Angela Carter presented a fine show of the flowers seen in their recent travels. The Zoom Program had 9 in attendance.

What you missed- On Saturday September 11, 2021, the Society assisted Preserve Burnet Woods in the ongoing project to remove invasive plants from this Cincinnati City Park. Much accomplished by our group of 8, with fine weather. Next project at Burnet is on Sat Oct 16 at 9am. No experience necessary. More details on our website soon.

What you missed- On Saturday July 3, 2021 Dan Boone led our group to Leadingham Prairie and Gallagher Fen in Clark County, Ohio. A good size group on a fine day. Photos will be posted here soon.

What you missed- On Saturday May 8, 2021, we removed Garlic Mustard and small bush honeysuckle from the beautiful Caesar Creek State Nature Preserve on Corwin Road. Several of us walked the loop trail afterwards. About 14 in attendance on a fine 45-55 temp day. Photo of volunteers and full bags .

What you missed- on Saturday May 1, 2021, Our Society assisted Preserve Burnet Woods by pulling more than (!) 25 bags of Garlic Mustard at Burnet Woods.  Thanks to the seventeen hard workers in attendance. Weather dry sunny 44 warming to 57. Photos- Dreaded Resprout #2 , Volunteer Glenn , Sitting on Big Garlic Mustard

What you missed- on Saturday April 24, 2021, Our Society assisted Preserve Burnet Woods by pulling more than twenty(!) bags of Garlic Mustard at Burnet Woods.  Thanks to the nine hard workers in attendance. Another small group of 7 worked on Sunday Morning Photo- Group Leader Lisa Haglund 

What you missed- on April 17, 2021, Our Society assisted Preserve Burnet Woods by pulling twenty(!) bags of Garlic Mustard at Burnet.  Thanks to the nine hard workers in attendance. Photo- Jodie with bouquet

What you missed- On Friday April 9, 2021, Timothy Frey presented a fine Zoom program "A Beginner’s Guide to The Galls of Ohio"  . A guided tour through the many different kinds of organisms that make galls on plants, with some biological and historical stories thrown in along the way. Photos-  Where to find Galls , My work in 2020 , Oak Gall ink , What to include for online id , online id sources , good books , contact info . Over 60 in attendance.

What you missed- On Friday March 12, 2021, Luke Schutzman presented a fine live zoom lecture to the Society titled “Salamanders and Soggy Socks.”  He described his month spent living in the backcountry of Great Smokey Mountain National Park, trying to find and paint all 30 of their salamander species from life, overcoming rain, cold, chiggers, other insects, and 2 bears. About 60 in attendance.  For nice guide to Ohio’s Amphibians click here or for Info about Luke and his art go to or

What you missed- On Friday February 12, 2021, Allison Cusick presented a fine program “Why Scientific Names Change and Why You Should Be Happy About It”. He discussed the history of plant classification including figures such as John Ray, Magnol, Plukenet, Linnaeus, Darwin, Asa Grey, and Crick and Watson; leading to our current (but still changing) groupings of plants based upon modern science. Allison is former chief botanist of Ohio, now at Carnegie Museum. About 60 in zoom attendance.

What you missed- On Saturday January 16, 2021, Preserve Burnet Woods had the largest volunteer group ever. Forty-Four of us removed honeysuckle from the Northeast side of the park. This is part of a major restoration of the natural areas in this Cincinnati City Park. Thanks to all who helped. Weather a cool 33 degrees. Photos- One volunteer, Several Volunteers, Tools of the Trade  .

What you missed- On Saturday Jan 9, 2021 Jim Osborn presented a program “Recovering our Natural History, One Backyard at a Time”. He discussed our disappearing natural history, the local reasons behind it and what we can do personally to recover some of it, by creating natural areas in our own yards, good for plants, bugs, and birds. Over 50 in attendance. Photo 1  .

What you missed- On Saturday December 19, 2020, our members assisted Preserve Burnet Woods, working to remove invasive honeysuckle from this Cincinnati City Park. The largest volunteer group so far, 33 people. Much accomplished on a nice 38 temp day.

What you missed- On Thursday December 17, 2020 at the 9am Cincinnati Park Board Meeting, Director Hugh Haller of the Camping and Education Foundation (CEF) withdrew his Foundation’s proposal to build a private canoe building (for canoe construction and storage) by the lake at Burnet Woods.The Society had recently passed a resolution opposing this building, as did many other neighborhood and conservation groups.

What you missed- On Friday December 11, 2020 we had a live zoom meeting with Dr. Todd Crail from the University of Toledo. He discussed The Lakeplain Oak Openings of Northwest Ohio: Intersections of Greatness!” exploring the the  proglacial lakes during the ice age 10,000 years ago, that today produce the current extremely distinctive plant community associations. Over 40 in attendance.

-What you missed- On Friday December 5, 2020, Cincinnati City Parks and our Society had 21 people helping remove honeysuckle at Avon Woods. Thanks to all who helped. Much accomplished on a nice 47 degree day. Photos- Spaced out group  - dreaded Re-sprout  -  Volunteer Mike Jag.  -  Leaders Steve and Lisa  --  Leader Jim M  - Naturalist Rachel R. 

What you missed- On Saturday Nov 21, 2020 we removed invasive plants at Burnet Woods, as part of our ongoing partnership with Cincinnati Parks, Northside Greenspace, and Preserve Burnet Woods. Thank you to all 16 who helped. Temperature 46 and nice after the drizzle ended. Photos-  Some of our groupnew invasive jetbead , invasive hedge/english maple .

What you missed- On Saturday November 14, 2020, the Society had its annual honeysuckle project at the public nature preserve Johnson/Benedict/Hazelwood Preserve in Montgomery, Ohio. Thanks to our group of 17 on a fine sunny day. Group1 , Group2 , Our Three Leaders Dr. Theresa Culley , Marjie Becus  , Christine Hadley

What you missed- On Friday November 13, 2020, Naturalist/Photographer/Author Bill Beatty of West Virginia presented a program “Medicinal Plants” about the history of plant names, from local common names, to long descriptive names, and finally, thanks to Linnaeus, our succinct (and unique) 2-word names of Genus and species. He told stories of how plant names (especially “official” names) relate to the medicinal properties of the plants. After his talk at 10pm, he returned to banding Saw-Whet owls. See his fine photos at and  and to see his feisty Saw-Whet owls videos, scroll down at  

What you missed- On Saturday November 7, 2020, we had an invasive removal at Burnet Woods, in conjunction with Cincinnati Parks, Northside Greenspace and Preserve Burnet Woods. This is part of an ongoing major project at Burnet Woods. We also have tentative dates planned at Burnet for 9am on Sat Nov 21, Sat Dec 19, Sat Jan 16.  Details soon or contact Bob Bergstein at for meeting place. Much Thanks to the approx. 27 who attended on this warm 62-77 temp day. Photo 1, Photo 2

What you missed- On Saturday October 31, 2020, our Society led the 12th Annual Caesar Creek Give Back Day, to remove invasives below the dam. Many special thanks to Christine Hadley, Jim Mason, Debi Wolterman, without whose help this event would not have occurred. Thanks also to the Army Corp of Engineers and DNAP. Almost 40 in attendance on a beautiful sunny day, warming from 32 to 50. Great Safe cookout lunch.  Photos by CH - 32 degrees at the start , Tom Patt Cooking , Army Corp Jim O'Boyle at lunch

What you missed- On Saturday October 24, 2020, our Society, along with Preserve Burnet Woods, Northside Greenspace and Cincinnati Parks participated in the ongoing project to restore our local Cincinnati Parks to a natural state.  Thanks to leaders Jim Mason, Lisa Haglund, and Steve Slack and all the volunteers. About 25 in attendance on a fine 48 temp day. Photos by SGS. Our Group , Edge before work , Edge after Work .

What you missed- On Friday October 9, 2020, Dr. Doug Corney, Director of the Cincinnati Nature Center, presented a live Zoom program titled Understanding Global Climate Change:  Impacts on Midwestern Ecosystems.  Current projections show the Midwest becomes warmer and generally drier, which will cause a shift from deciduous forest to more grassland. In Cincinnati, we may see a transition to tree species that thrive in these conditions. Go to  for info about events and membership at the Nature Center. About 50 in attendance. 

What you missed- On Saturday October 3, 2020, 22 volunteers from the Society, Preserve Burnet Woods, Cincinnati Parks and other groups removed invasive plants (honeysuckle & porcelain berry) from Burnet Woods. Fine weather, 55 degrees. This is part of a major project to restore our Cincy parks. Our next project is on Sat Oct 24, 2020 at 9am. Details later.

What you missed- On September 11, 2020 the Society had our Photo-Sharing September meeting, except this year remotely, by Zoom. It was nice to see everyone at the half hour social time before the meeting. Thanks to the six who shared their fine photos. About 30 in attendance.

What you missed- On Sunday March 8, 2020, we had 22 enthusiastic workers removing invasive vines and bush honeysuckle from Avon Woods Preserve.  This is part of the Society’s ongoing efforts working to fully restore our Cincinnati Parks to their original beauty.  Weather a fine 40-50 and sunny. We enjoyed Pizza on the Picnic tables afterward. Thanks to all who helped. Group Photo (missing several people)

What you missed- On Saturday February 22, 2020, Dr. Maggie Whitson led our group of 21 on a tour of Northern Kentucky University.  First, she gave a powerpoint talk about herbariums in general, and the current digitization project for the specimens in the NKU collection.  , followed by a visit to the herbarium to see the botanic and zoology objects there, such as the mounted plants, giant pine cones, and natural camphor. We had a nice pizza lunch, and visited the top floor conservatory/greenhouse, where she gave us a hands-on experience, with papyrus, aloe and more. We then hiked at nearby St. Anne’s Woodland, a beautiful woodland, open to the public.  Weather sunny 42.  Natural History Collection, Giant Moose , Photo of our group- Maggie on Right . The Society thanks Dr. Whitson for this unforgettable day.

What you missed- On Friday Feb 14, 2020, Dave Nolin, formerly of Dayton’s Five Rivers Parks, gave a fine lecture on the natural and human history of Dayton’s Huffman Prairie, including the Wright Brothers. (He started the program with a song!) He will be leading our hike to Huffman on Sat July 25.  His excellent book is available here . 58 in attendance at Avon Woods on a cool 21 degree night.

What you missed- On Friday January 10, 2020, at Avon Woods, Tara Littlefield, Senior botanist for Plant Conservation for Kentucky's Preserves, spoke to us of her work surveying and monitoring rare plants and habitats throughout the state. About 55 in attendance on a drizzly 55 degree evening.
More info at 
here  , or
  Photo of Valerie, Tara, Angela, and Dan 

What you missed- On Sunday Dec 8, 2019. Greg Torres led our annual Hardy Souls hike at Buttercup Valley in Northside. This year's site was selected in memory of Skip Meinhart. Many attended on this warm 55 degree day. This was followed by delicious potluck dinner at Gathering at Northern Hills.  And lecture “Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky’s Red River Basin” presented by  Dan and Judy Dourson, based on their fine new book  Much info which shows the excellent intro text but doesn’t show the fine plant photos and descriptions.

What you missed- On Sunday November 10, 2019,  Dan Boone led the hike on Pinch-Em Tight Trail in the Red River Gorge of Kentucky. More details and photos later.

What you missed – On Friday November 8, 2019 at Avon Woods, Dr. Kenneth Barnett Tankersley  told us the fascinating story of “Dr. Charles Louis Metz and the American Indian Archaeology of the Little Miami River Valley”.  Dr. Metz was self-taught in archaeology, living his whole life (1846-1926) in Southwest Ohio, pursuing this scientific research. Good crowd of 62, enjoyed  this talk on a cool 32 temp evening.

What you missed on Saturday November 1, 2019 at 9am, we had a part 2 of our honeysuckle Blitz at Caesar Creek Nature Preserve (and Army Corp Tailwater area) below the dam off of Clarksville Road.  Jim Mason led our group of about 35 (including several from Wilmington College) on cool 35-45 temp day. Much accomplished then great lunch, thanks to Debi Wolterman.. 

What you missed on Sunday October 27, 2019 at 9am, we had a part 1 of our honeysuckle Blitz at Caesar Creek Nature Preserve (and Army Corp Tailwater area) below the dam off of Clarksville Road.  Jim Mason led our group of 25 (including several from Wilmington College) on breezy 54-60 temp day. Much accomplished then great lunch.  Group Photo .     

 What you missed- On Saturday Sept 21, 2019, Jim Mason led our group of 14 on a non-Society Invasive removal at Burnet Woods, working on west side of the Lake, part of a plan to restore the natural areas of the park. Pizza afterwards on nice 80 temp day.  Group Photo             

What you missed- On Friday Sept 13, 2019, we had our annual photo-sharing Program  at Avon Woods. Thanks to Randy, Ann, Flower and Marjie for their fine photos. 24 in attendance on warm 79 temp evening.

What you missed- On Saturday Sept 14, 2019 the Society visited Kitty Todd Preserve in Northern Ohio. Weather cooler 75-80. Details and photos soon.  

What you missed- On Saturday Aug 3, 2019, we visited Hazeldell Meadow Nature Preserve, Pulaski County, Kentucky.  Dan Boone led the group of 14 to this beautiful preserve on a warm day,  temp 83. Fine Photos by Angela C.  Group photo (Dan, 3rd from right) , Hazeldell Meadow , Yellow Fringed Orchid  , White Fringeless Orchid , Northern Slender Ladies Tresses , Yellow Screwstem

What you missed- On Sunday July 28, 2019, Marjie Becus led our group of 15 on the Timberlakes and Oakleaf Trails at Miami Miami Whitewater Forest . Indian Pipes, a few orchids, tick-trefoil, and more.  Weather cool 78 in the woods. Group Photo, more coming.

What you missed- On Sunday June 30, 2019 we visited Wahkeena Nature Preserve near Lancaster, Ohio. Park Manager Tom Shiseler and Nora showed our group of 15 through this lush woods. We saw about half of the 33 species of ferns there. A beautiful place, that you may wish to visit on your own. Photos soon.

What you missed- On June 15 and 16, 2019 , David Kuehner led our group of 8 on our weekend field trip to Cumberland Falls and Pine Mountain in Southern Kentucky. Beautiful woods, with hemlocks, bigleaf magnolia, azaleas, and much more. Weather fine, 80 and dry, except drive home through great storms. Sat Group , Sun Group , Photographer , Cumberland Azalea . More later.

On Sunday June 2, 2019 we had our annual potluck picnic (with Northside Greenspace) at the native plant nursery Keystone Flora near Spring Grove Cemetery. Food delicious and conversation fine. About 30 in attendance on warm dry 80 day.

On Saturday June 1, 2019 we had a hike at Portland Arch Nature Preserve, in Fountain Co., IN (West of Indianapolis). Botanist and author Michael Homoya led the group of 8. Temp 81 and dry. Photos by Angela C. Lobed Spleenwort ,  Diervilla lonicera , Partridgeberry , Forbes Saxifrage (amid Virginia creeper) , Wet woods , Group Photo

On May 18, 2019 the Society visited Kelleys Island in Lake Erie (by ferry ride). Great trip led by Dr. Jim Bissell of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Photos by Angela C. Group Photo , Lakeside Daisy , Rock Elm , Scheele Preserve , Wild Black Currant

On Saturday May 11, 2019, at Caesar Creek Gorge SNP, fourteen Intrepids removed a small truckload of garlic mustard and other invasive plants from this beautiful preserve on Corwin Road.   ODNR has had other workers there earlier in the year, from the visible results along the trail. Nice day followed by lunch at nearby Village Family Restaurant. Beautiful sunny day, temp 63.  Special thanks to all who helpedGroup Photo (10 of the 14).

On Saturday April 13, 2019 there were two non-Society invasive plant removals at Cincinnati City Parks. Thanks to all who helped at California Woods (2 of 18 were members), and Buttercup Valley (4 of 10 were members).

On Saturday April 6, 2019, Bill Edwards led our group of thirty through the Sally Brown Nature Preserve in Garrard Co. KY. The highlight of the trip was the spur section of the Brown Trail going down to the Kentucky River, where the forest floor was dense with flowers. This Nature Conservancy Property is open to the public. Trail Map at
photos- group photo (leader Bill Edwards middle, yellow shirt) , cut leaf toothwort , round leaf ragwort , early saxifrage flowers , early saxifrage plant , dwarf larkspur , true rue anemone  , false rue anemone (always 5 petals, red stems) , yellow trout lily , dutchmans breeches , forest floor , Bill Edwards and Poppy .

On Friday March 8, 2019, At our Society’s annual meeting at The Gathering at Northern Hills (following the delicious potluck), President Christine Hadley presented the slate of candidates. Cynthia Fischer was newly elected to our 9 member board, replacing Rob Repasky (Thank you Rob). Bill Edwards and Bob Bergstein were re-elected.

Dr. Heather Farrington , Curator of Zoology at the Cincinnati Museum Center, gave the talk “Exploring Our Cabinet of Curiosities, Life and Death in the Zoology Collection” , about the diverse aspects of her daily life, including modern DNA lab research, field work in Adams County (Woodrats) and curation of the zoology collection of reptiles, birds, mammals, seashells, which provide a fascinating record of life and essential for science research. Large group of 64 in attendance on a cool 36 degree evening

Our originally scheduled speakers Dan and Judy Dourson will be here next fall or winter, talking their great new book “Wildflowers and Ferns of the Red River Gorge” which is available at

Sad news- On December 19, 2018, long-time member Jim Husbands passed away. Jim joined the Society as a child in the early 1940’s. Later he and his wife Jean were actively involved, and came to most hikes and lectures. Jim was refreshment chairman for years, and always gave a “coffee report” at meetings, with surprising and wide ranging subjects from coffee, to trains and more (he was a train expert, among other things). He and Jean also hosted the annual picnic at their rural home in Indiana. A fine unique person. The Society extends condolences to his wife Jean and family.

What you missed- On Friday Feb 8, 2019 the Society had a showing of the fine documentary A Force for Nature: Lucy Braun (1889-1971) about Cincinnati’s famous botanist who was one of our Society’s founders in 1917.  The films creator Meg Hanrahan introduced the film and later answered questions.  Premiering in 2017, it has been shown on PBS. It is available for purchase at  or will re-air Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 6:00 pm on CET HD. Fifty in attendance at Winton Centre on cool 24 degree night.

What you missed- On Saturday Feb 2, 2019 our group of 42 took a tour of the Union Terminal Building (led by Cat) and the new Dinosaur Hall (led by Curator Glenn Storrs. Dinosaurs great and building beautiful on nice warm (30-45) day.

What you missed-  On Friday Nov 9, 2018, Robert Paratley from Univ of Kentucky, presented a program on Richard Evans Schultes (1915-2001), the Father of Ethnobotany. His surprising and diverse career, both academic at Harvard, and  living with native people in the Amazon, using their hallucinogens.  Fifty in attendance at Avon Woods on a cool 38 degree evening. Photo of speaker and Angela

What you missed - On Sunday Oct 28, 2018, several nature groups including our Society (thank you Christine and Jim), the Wild Ones, Debi Wolterman ( who alone has done so much to clean up this Preserve), Wilmington College, the Army Corps of Engineers and others, removed invasives from Caesar Creek Nature Preserve (below the Dam), followed by a fine lunch at the Visitor Center. Almost 50 participated, temperature 49 and overcast.

What you missed- On Saturday Oct 27, 2018, there was a non-Society invasive removal project at beautiful California Woods. Our group of 10 led by Cincy Parks’ Jonathan and Drew accomplished much on a cool fall day. Photo


What you missed- On Saturday Oct 20, 2018, we visited Crawford Wetlands and old Hocking Canal in Hocking County. Appalachia Ohio Alliance director Steve Fleegal, and Jodi Sparks led us on a four mile walk along their AOA property,  a branch canal of the Erie Canal. Group Photo , Steve explaining locks , Lock sign , Lizard tail leaves , smartweed and asters , Canada Moonseed berries , and Moon Seed . Also saw Wahoo, Bladdernut and more on cool grey day, which turned blue. 35 in attendance from both groups.

What you missed- On Friday October 12, 2018, Cincinnati Museum Center’s Archaeologist Bob Genheimer told us of “Cincinnati’s First Farmers” from his 11 years of research at a prehistoric site (the Hahn site) near Newtown.  A wide variety of floral and faunal remains indicate plant and animal diversity in this portion of the Ohio Valley prior to European settlement. 50 in attendance at Avon Woods with cool 52 temp.

What you missed- On Sunday Sept 30, 2018 the Society participated in the Great Outdoor Weekend with a hike to the new Oxbow property. Wayne Wauligman and Denis Conover led our group of over 20 in attendance on fine 70-80 degree sunny day. Photos here soon.

What you missed- On Sunday Sept 23, 2018, Chrys Cook led our group of 18 to Hilltop Farm Nature Preserve in nearby Indiana. Weather great 75 and sunny. Photos- Group , Meadow , Canada Goldenrod , Late-Flowering Thoroughwort , Maximillian Sunflower (unique? leaves)

NEWS- On June 21, 2018 the Society Board voted unanimously to oppose any proposed development in Burnet Woods, such as a new building for Clifton Cultural Arts. For more info, contact President Christine Hadley at 513-850-9585 or . You may sign and place comment on website .

What you missed- On Friday Sept 14, 2018 at Avon Woods, we had our annual photo sharing meeting. Joe Bens presented on plants of the high plains, Karl Gross on Global warming  & best future power sources, and Flower White on moths at Spring Grove and Ohio Orchids. 20 in attendance on warm 78 evening. Great food too.

What you missed- On Friday August 24 2018, Anita Buck presented a talk at Fernald Preserve about Ohio's bats and showed us live bats. We then took an evening walk with bat scanners. 40 in attendance on fine moonlit night.

What you missed- On July 7, 2018 David Kuehner led the group of 20 to Siebenthaler Fen and Cedar Bog. Great weather and great trip. Group Photo

What you missed- On Saturday June 23, 2018 Dave Kuehner lead our group of 35 to Leadingham Prairie in Spangler Nature Preserve (east of Dayton Ohio). We saw orchids and great variety of wetland plants, on a cool 78 degree summer day. Photos soon.

What you missed- On Saturday June 16, 2018, Dr. Jim Bissell and Dan Boone led a trip to Northeast Ohio to Singer Lake. Exciting botanizing for the group of 16 on warm day- Photos by Angela Carter and Bob Klips- The Group , CWFPS group Leatherleaf Bog  , sphagnum moss , rose pogonia , Potentilla palustris (Marsh Cinquefoil) , Jim D and Northern Figwort , Shooting star , pippsissewa , Jim Bissell and spotted pondweed , male elfin skimmer , Christine H- Bob K-Leatherleaf -swaying bullrush (1280x720).jpg

 On Sunday June 3, 2018, the Society had its annual picnic with Northside Greenspace at Keystone Flora on Wooden Shoe Hollow.  Great food (Mulberry Pie), and conversation. About 30 attended on warm sunny 83 degree day. photo 1 , photo 2 , photo 3 , photo 4

 On Saturday May 19, 2018 David Kuehner led a small group to the Oak Openings and Kitty Todd containing rare ecosystems and plants. Group Photo (Dave in Blue shirt) , Panorama 1 , Pan 2 , Pan 3 , Earthstars , Lupines , Moss Phlox , Plains Puccoon , Sand Cherry , Sweet Fern , Virginia Dwarf Dandelion , White Flower? – Photos by Angela Carter

What you Missed- On Saturday May 5, 2018 Marjie Becus and Ann Geise led a group of 15  on the new public Portman Trail in Adams County.  Despite spring drizzle, orchids and much to see. Group Photo (Marjie left of sign, Ann in front of sign) ,  Pink Lady’s Slipper , Showy Orchis , Fragrant Sumac , Robin’s Plantain , Seneca Snakeroot , Shooting StarSpring Spurge , Box Turtles , Yellow-eyed grass – Photos by Angela Carter

What you missed- On Sat April 28, 2018, Rich McCarty of Nature Conservancy led the group to a new property Smokey Hollow, overlooking Ohio River in Adams County. 29 in attendance and temp 48. Group Photo with R McCarty left of center tree , Goldenseal , Bulblet Fern-Viola triloba , Luna moth , Adder's tongue fern , showy orchis , hoary puccoon , blue-eyed grass- albidum  - Photos by Angela Carter

What you missed- On Saturday April 21, 2018 we visited the Crane Hollow Nature Preserve in Hocking County. Many unusual plants.  28 in attendance on a fine spring day, temp 48-58. Group Photo , Blue Cohosh , Long-Spurred Violet , Trillium erectum? , Bloodroot .

On Saturday April 21, 2018, Bob Bergstein led a non-society hike for the museum at Devou park in N. Ky. 14 plus 3 babies and a dog on a nice spring day. Temp 55.  Group Photo


On Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 10:00 am: Dave Kuehner led our group of 13 to Abner Hollow in Adams County, Ohio. He described different bedrock forming different soils, which lead to different plant communities.  Cold spring so plants are behind schedule. 1” snow the night before, flurries and temp 30 for hike. Group Photo, David K. , Bloodroot , Cutleaf toothwort , Trout Lily. -Photos by Randy Johnson

On Saturday March 31, 2018 Rob Repasky led our group of 32 on the Black Squirrel trail at Highland Cemetery in northern Kentucky. Trails wet and slippery at times. Late spring has few blooms,   Weather cool 40 warming to sunnier 50. Group Photo , Jan and Randy Johnson (Soc Treasurer) , Dutchman's Breeches , Cutleaf Toothwort , Yellow Trout Lily

On Sunday March 25, 2018, we visited Oak Glen Preserve. Bob Mason told the story of the March 2014, 20,000 gallon pipeline oil spill. Bob was involved in this whole story. Jessica Spencer led us near the base of the creek where the spill occurred. We then drove to Miami Forest for a walk in Bowles Woods, led by Dan Boone. 37 in attendance on cool 42 day. Group Photo , Bob Mason-Jessica Spencer, Dan Boone

On Friday Feb 9, 2018 at Avon Woods, Dr. Nathan Morehouse of UC described experiments that study the extraordinary vision of the Jumping Spiders (6,000 of the total 45,000 spiders). They have 8 non-compound eyes, 4 in front including the 2 big ones that perceive depth. The plainer females view the male’s bright colors and dance, after which mating may occur (or the male may be eaten instead!). 65 in attendance on a clear night, temp 35.

On Fri January 19, 2018, Bret Henninger, Natural Resources Director of Hamilton County Parks spoke on the 20,000 gallon pipeline oil spill at Oak Glen Nature Preserve. The spill itself and massive cleanup each caused their own problems. Note our Sunday March 25 walk at this Preserve.  Attendance 38 at Avon Woods, Temp 35 and clear.  Original Jan 12 cancelled due to freezing rain, etc.

On Sat Feb 4, 2018 we visited Miami University.  Curator Dr. Mike Vincent showed us the Turrell Herbarium, Ohio’s largest, describing the importance of herbariums, its history, and how plants are collected, mounted and stored. Director Steve Sullivan at the Hefner Nat Hist Museum, told of the surprising ecological effects of the passenger pigeon extinction, and we saw the many exhibits. After lunch at the Student Union, Dr. Kendall Hauer showed us the Limper Geology Museum, with Omniglobe, beautiful minerals, trilobites. Attendance 40, temp 35, windy. Much thanks our three guides who shared their time and knowledge with us.

What you missed- On Sunday November 19, 2017, we had a fine off-trail hike at Warren Wells Preserve within Winton Woods, led by Nature Interpreter Susan Sumner.  Temp 34, breezy. With 12 hikers. Group photo (Susan third from left)Beautiful creekGrape Fern , Putty Root Orchid Leaves , Giant Grape vine with Climber , Shelter in Hollow Beech , We also saw lichen covered lacewing larva similar to .

On Saturday November 11, 2017 we had a honeysuckle event at Hazelwood Preserve in Blue Ash. 10 intrepid volunteers on cool 32 degree morning.

On Friday Nov 10, 2017, after an introduction by Dr. David Brandenburg, Artist/Botanist Sigrid Neilsen gave a fine talk on oak trees. Oaks are an oasis for life including man, who used oak for food and shelter.  We then used her new key to identify oak leaves . The free key is available at and new book ($20) is available at this website or at December meeting. We then enjoyed many oak foods she brought. 65 in attendance at Avon on a 32 degree night.  Sigrid  & David  ,  Sigrid David and crew from Dawes  , Working on Oaks , Oak Honeydew Honey  ,  Oak Homebrew Liquor , Oak hors d'oeuvres

On Saturday November 4, 2017 we had a honeysuckle Blitz at Indian Mound Reserve in Greene County, Ohio. Organized by Christine Hadley, Jim Mason, Greene County's Chrisbell Bednar and others, we had 100 workers from many different nature groups. Much accomplished, followed by delicious meal in pavilion. 45 degrees and cloudy.  Photos by Patts & BB-  Pavilion , Working 1 , Working 2 , Jim , Christine and Chrisbell , Walk after lunch  .

On Sunday Oct 29, 2017 we had a honeysuckle Blitz at Caesar Creek State Nature Preserve (below the dam). Forest floor dense with native wildflower leaves, still green. Much accomplished by our group of 60 from many nature groups, then to great lunch at the visitor center. Temp 38 and cloudy.

On Sunday Oct 22, 2017, Daniel Boone led our group of 36 on a fine woodland walk at Curtis Gates Lloyd Wildlife Management Area, near Crittenden, Ky. We saw old growth trees such as white oak, shagbark hickory, and tulip trees. Dan showed us our native red mulberry, with large, toothed, un-shiny and papery leaves, growing in the understory. Weather great 70 and clear. Group Photo , Along the trail , Dan and the Giant Tulip Tree .

On Friday Oct 13, 2017 Dr. Nicholas Money of Miami U. gave a reading from his novel The Mycologist, constructed as the diary entries of Bartholomew Leach, who discovered his theory of Creation by Natural Perfection in the 1850s, but finds to his great disappointment, that he has been trumped by Charles Darwin. 42 in attendance at Avon Woods on nice 65 degree evening.  Group 1 , Group 2 , Dr. Leach and Pickwick , After the meeting Donna, Nik, and Pat

On Sunday Oct 1, 2017, James and Jessica Spencer (new board member) manned the Society Booth at a big event at Ault Park. "It was a great event with a good showing of people. 2 new members" Photo-  Our Display

Saturday Sept 30, 2017 - Betsch Fen near Chillicothe, Oh - It was a fabulous fall day (temp 60) with Lesser Fringed Gentians, Canada Burnet, Nodding Ladies Tresses (Spiranthes cernua with self-pollinating flowers = cleistogamy) and golden rods at peak bloom along with Grass of Parnassus, Kalm's lobelia, sneezeweed and several asters. Our group of 18 led by Dan Boone (4th from left), included Dave Minney (3rd from right) who managed Betsch Fen for several years. – Angela Carter

On Sunday Sept 24, 2017 we had our Great Outdoor Weekend hike at the Oxbow. Leaders Wayne Wauligman and Denis Conover led our intrepid group of 25 on a wonderful hike down to the Ohio River, and up the Great Miami. Amazing flowers and wildlife, including a beaver jawbone with two sharp incisors (but regular molars), and a large flock of Black Vultures enjoying a fish dinner below the train bridge on the Great Miami. Weather warm up to 90! , Group Photo  (Denis on left, Wayne Plaid shirt), Wayne with Several, Wayne with friend, Jerusalem Artichoke


On June 24, 2017 Dan Boone led our group as we visited Adams Lake State Nature Preserve in Adams County, and walked the small prairie loop trail. The highlight was Featherbells (Stenanthium gramineum). The weather was a cool dry sunny 74 for our group of 23. Photos-  Featherbells1 ,  Featherbells 2  ,  Group Photo.  (6MB)

After lunch we went to Davis Memorial where we walked in the powerline clearing ,north of the road, then returned and walked the woodland loop trail. Dwarf Hawthorn , Anglepod(by AC)  , Butterfly_Weed_Hairstreaks

On Friday January 13, 2017 , Dr. Kathryn Morris of Xavier University spoke to us on "Eavesdropping on Plant Conversations” about chemical communication from plant to plant by means of mycorrhizal fungus, and her experiments that confirm this. A good crowd of 48 on a cold night of almost freezing rain. See nice article      
After the meeting ,   Dr. Morris and Vince A.

On Sunday Jan 8, 2017 we had a great tour of the Cincinnati Observatory led by former director and historian John Ventre, assisted by Aaron Eiben. After viewing Venus, John told us of the story of the Observatory from its early roots in the 1800's to the present. All had a great time. 16 at dinner and over 30 on the tour. Weather clear and 16.  Photos- John Ventre , Jim viewing Venus , Alison moving the dome , Group Photo 1 , Group Photo 2 

On Sunday Dec 4, 2016 we had our Hardy Souls Hike at Hazelwood. Many enjoyed this hike, temp 45. Later after great potluck at the now "Gathering at Northern Hills" the Nature Conservancy's Martin McAllister brought us up to date on the Sunshine Corridor and the Edge. Over 40 in attendance.
Photo of Martin and Dan Boone 

On Sat Dec 3, 2016 we had a great turnout of 20 for the honeysuckle removal at Avon Woods. Thanks to Rachel, Denis, Tim and all. Group Photo  by Ken Carman

On Saturday November 19, 2016 there was a honeysuckle removal at Hazelwood Botanical Preserve in Montgomery, Ohio. Many volunteers on a cool grey morning, temperature 40. Photo 1  ,  Photo 2 . (Leaders Marjie Becus in green, Dr. Theresa Culley in blue)


On Friday Nov 11, 2016 Dr. Gene Kritsky spoke to us at Avon Woods on "The Periodical Cicadas of Ohio: New Discoveries and Upcoming Emergences". He told of the different species and the long cycle of their life. Expect a minor local emergence in 2017, followed by a major event in 2021. See more info at 
 32 in attendance on cool night 48 degrees. Photo-
Dr Kritsky, Stan and Karen Lockwood . 

On Saturday Oct 29, 2016 at 10am,we had a combination fall foliage trip and visit to some famous former naturalists at beautiful Spring Grove Cemetery. We saw the markers of Lucy and Annette Braun, and many others in a fine hike led by Anita Buck. 24 in attendance on a warm clear day (65-75)  Group Photo  , Leader Anita,    Pres.Christine-Barb S-Alvin Jose ,  Daniel Drake Marker

On Sunday Oct 30, 2016 at 9am we had part 1 of our honeysuckle blitz at Caesar Creek State Park. Great success in the valley where the wildflowers are still in abundance. About 60 in attendance on clear day, temp 65-72.  Christine thanks everyone ,  Special Thanks to Debi W- ,  tired and hungry .  If you missed this event, please come on Nov 5.


On Saturday Oct 22, 2016 , our group of 22 led by David Kuehner hiked the new trail at Buzzardroost Rock in Adams County. A cool day 45-55 with variable clouds and wind. Much of the trail is new, passing through prairies and steep woodlands. Group photo (David K in Blue Jacket, back right) , Stiff Gentian , Blue Stem Goldenrod , Zigzag Goldenrod , Shale Barren Aster , White Lettuce (alba) , Spiranthes , At the top

On Friday October 14, 2016, Larry Parks, (operations manager of the western Cincinnati Parks) gave a fine talk on the history of Mt Airy Forest. 43 in attendance at Avon Woods on a clear night (temp 55)  

On Sunday July 3, 2016 a small party of 2 enjoyed the prairies and meadows at Chrys Cook's property, south of Aurora Indiana.  The large and diverse prairie restored by Chrys is a great success. Weather forecast was dismal, but rain varied during  the 3 hour walk. Temperature a pleasant 70. Photos soon.


On Saturday July 16, 2016 we had a great hike at Bigelow Cemetery, Smith Cemetery and more. Details and photos soon.


On Saturday July 16, we had a great hike at Bigelow Cemetery, Smith Cemetery and more. Details and photos soon.

On Sunday June 5, 2016 the Society had its annual Picnic at the native plant nursury Keystone Flora, a joint event with Northside Greenspace. Over 35 enjoyed lunch in 85 degrees (but tree-shaded), before the rainstorm hit. Tours of the nursery after the rain cleared.


On Saturday May 14, 2016,  the Society had its annual invasive removal event at Caesar Creek SNP. Much of the upstream area along Caesar Creek is clear of invasives and filled with native plants, though up hill areas are lower quality with much work to do. Eleven in attendance on drizzly 50 degree day. Group Photo (not shown Marjie B and Bob B.), What is this Mystery Fungus ? 


On May 8, 2016 Diana Boyd led our group of 25 at Richardson Forest Preserve in Northern Hamilton County. Bountiful flowers in rich woods. Is this the best place in Hamilton County for wildflowers? Temperature 60 and drizzle. 1 Group Photo ,  2 Trillium flexipes , 3 Large Flower Valerian (in Honeysuckle family) , 4 More Valerian , 5 Native purple rocket (Iodanthus) in Mustard family , 6 Purple rocket leaf 7 Non Native Dames Rocket (Hesperis) in Mustard Family  8. Dames leaves9. Black Snakeroot spp (parsley family) , 10 Giant Sycamore tree & fans , 11. Dwarf Larkspur (shows spur)12 Waterleaf (appendaged?) , 13. Luna moth

On Sunday April 24, 2016 Marjie Becus guided our small group of 14 to Miller Sanctuary State Nature Preserve, a beautiful lush valley along Rocky Fork Creek. Weather was fine. Christine Hadley reports "Had a fantastic time. We saw great displays of shooting star. The property has beautiful views where the creek cuts through the valley, and the wildflowers are plentiful. Oh! Don't forget the beaver dam!"  Jim Mason adds "Birding was great. Scarlet Tanager, Cerulean Warbler and Louisiana Waterthrush" .

Photos by CH & BB- Group Photo , map , beaver dam , view 1 , view 2 , view 3 , green violet , shooting star , 2 , Columbine 1  , Blue cohosh flower , leaves , Trillium Grandiflorum 1 , 2 , 3 , Golden ragwort 1 ,  , 3 ,  
bladdernut flower , leaves 


Sunday April 10, 2016, we hiked in Devou Woods Park (Vastine Trailhead) in Covington led by Rob Repasky. We saw a variety of out native spring wildflowers, the best was a large patch of perfoliate bellwort.  Our large group of 45 included many from the Behringer-Crawford Museum.  Many invasives also.  Temp 50 and cloudy.  Photos by Bob   1.Group Photo , 2.Dutchman's Britches , 3.Dwarf Larkspur  , 4.Perfoliate Bellwort , 5.Rue Anemone6.Sessile Trillium ,  7.Virginia Bluebells , 8.Wild Hyacinth 


Saturday April 2, 2016 there was a non-Society honeysuckle removal at Avon Woods.  Dr. Denis Conover led our group of about 20 including his students, Society members, and park employees. Successful event followed by Pizza. Temperature 48 on a partly sunny day. Group Photo 1 , Group Photo 2 , Photo 3 . photos by DC.

On Saturday March 19,2016, we had a wonderful trip to “The Spine and Cedar Falls” in Adams County led by Chris Bedel (Cincinnati Museum Center) and Rich McCarty (TNC) even though it was 40F and damp. Chris shared that many native bees arewildflower specific pollinators. There were white trout lilies everywhere. We saw the yellow petals of the elusive, state-endangered, golden-star lily, Erythronium rostratum (see ), but they were waiting for the sun to show themselves in full flower. There are several golden-star lilies in this area that were unknown until recently. We were also fortunate to see the leatherwood blooming! - Christine Hadley

Photos by CH - Chris Bedel and others on the Spine , Leatherwood ,Beard Lichen , Cedar Falls.

On Friday March 11, 2016 the Society had a potluck, our annual meeting and lecture, at Northern Hills Fellowship.  Food and conversation as good as always.

At our annual meeting, the Society made its larger-than-usual annual contributions. $300 Parks Foundation: for Avon Woods Nature Center,$500 Western Wildlife Corridor: for land acquisition, $800 Arc of Appalachia:for land acquisition for expansion of Gladys Riley Golden Star Lily Preserve, $800 Nature Conservancy: for land acquisition in Sunshine Corridor.  $2,400 Total.

The Society elected Bill Edwards to the Board. Bill is also a Preserve Steward for the Kentucky Nature Conservancy.  The Society thanks retiring Board Member and Secretary Steve Slack for his minutes and other contributions.

Over 50 in attendance on a pleasant clear evening 50 degrees.

Tim Sisson, President of Western Wildlife Corridor, and Dr.Denis Conover of UC, then presented a program “The Story of Bender Mountain”.

Bender Mountain, just west of Cincinnati, is a property owned and maintained by the Western Wildlife Corridor, and may be the best place in Cincinnati to see our native wildflowers . Tim talked about its geology and history and the invasive non-native plants and their removal, which has allowed the recovery of the native flora.  Dr. Denis Conover described his ongoing plant survey, finding 400 species, 90% native, including Great Yellow Wood-Sorrel and Mullein-Foxglove. 

(If you wish to visit this preserve to see its wonderful spring display, it is free and open to the public, and less than 20 minutes from downtown. For more info including trail maps, go to From Cincinnati, drive about 9 miles west on Rt 50. Turn right on Bender Road and drive 4/10 mile to the gravel parking lot on your right.) 

On Friday, Feb 12, 2016,  Dr. Hardy Eshbaugh, Professor Emeritus at Miami University gave a fine talk at Avon Woods, on "Botanical Ecotourism-Newfoundland Revealed".  Hardy, having visited this large (and cold) Atlantic island with his students many times, told of the amazing parks and reserves, and of the plants, fossils, people, and birds of this island. Over 50 in attendance on a snowy night, temperature 25.

On Saturday January 30, 2016 about 30 arrived for the Krohn Conservatory tour on a warm winter day (40 warming later to 60).  Our two tour guides Jeff Capella and Charmaine Mamantov divided our group and led excellent tours of the various Krohn rooms, pointing out many of the interesting plants and their stories. Group Photo ,  Leaders Jeff and   Charmaine , Helen Black , Starfruit . We later had a lunch at nearby Mt Adams Bar and Grill.

Saturday Feb 6, 2016 was another nice day. Our leader Ed Seibert led our small group on a fine tour.  Group photo (Ed with Notebook) , citrus family Buddha's Hand.  We enjoyed lunch at the same restaurant. 

On Friday Jan 8, 2016 Andrew Lane Gibson presented a fine program on the "Wild and Wonderful Bruce Peninsula". He described the amazing diversity of plants (and animals, birds, geology) on this peninsula on Lake Huron in Canada., including 1000 species of plants and 46 species of orchids. He has visited twice in June, only a nine hour drive from Cincy. Many photos on  About 53 in attendance at Avon Woods on nice winter night, temp 45.

On Sunday December 6, 2015 Randy Johnson led us on our annual Hardy Souls Hike, this year on the Kingfisher Trail at Winton Woods. Twenty enjoyed the hike with great weather in the 50's. Group Photo  

We then convened to Northern Hills Fellowship, for wine and pot luck. Our lecturer Dr. Glenn Storrs, Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Cincinnati Museum Center gave a lively talk, telling us first what distinguishes a dinosaur from other ancient vertebrates, and then about the Museum's digs in Montana and what they have discovered, including a rare diplodocus skull. Over 40 in attendance.

On Saturday Dec 5, 2015 over 30 volunteers (including about 8 Society members) showed up to cut honeysuckle at Avon Woods. This event was organized by Naturalist Rachel Rice of Cincinnati Parks. Much accomplished and fine pizza afterwards. 30 degrees and foggy, warming later to 40, and grey. (Photo by Denis Conover) Group Photo

On Friday Nov 13, 2015, Dr Eric Tepe gave an excellent talk on Ant-Plant Symbiosis in the Piper (eg black pepper) family, Ants seem to evolved to live in and use piper plant stems in several different lineages. Over 40 in attendance on a clear November night (temp 48.)


On Sat November 7, 2015, there was a honeysuckle removal in beautiful John Bryan State Park. This was followed by a fine lunch and hike.  About 150 people from a variety of groups participated in this event organized by Society president Christine Hadley.

On Sat July 11, 2015 John Howard and David Kuehner led a group of 27 through the Kamama Prairie in Adams County.  Originally John's property, this prairie and woodland is now part of the Arc of Appalachia system. We saw a variety of great plants.Weather 75-85 and dry.  For story about scurf pea photo go to

Photos- 1 Group Photo , 2 Group Photo,  3 False Agave,  4 False Agave basal leaf ,  5 Green Milkweed  viridiflora ,  6 Grey headed Coneflower 7 Native Loosestrife8 Pale spike lobelia  , 9 Rattlesnake Master ,  10 Scurf Pea , 11 Shrubby St John' s wort,  (the following by Randy Johnson) 12 Butterfly Weed and Pearl Crescent13 Carolina wild Petunia (usually purple) , 14 Coneflower and American Lady ,  15 Indigo Milky Cap Mushroom

On Sunday June 7, 2015 we had our potluck picnic at Keystone Native Plant Nursery near Spring Grove Cemetery. Food was great, as was the conversation. About 35 in attendance on this warm summer day, temp 84.  Photos- Great Food ,  Eating and Talking ,  Enjoying Lunch

On Sat May 16, 2015 we had our annual garlic mustard cleanup at Caesar Creek SNP. Thanks to Bill, Randy, Jim, Christine, Dale, Jodi, Lynn, Pat, Jerry, and Bob. Temperature a warm 73. Afterwards, we enjoyed a nice lunch at Little River Cafe.  

On Saturday May 9, 2015, Andrew Lane Gibson led us on a tour of Adams and Scioto County, looking for orchids.. The group started at Davis Memorial SNP. 25 in attendance on a warm spring day, temperature 84. Photos by Randy Johnson- Group Photo , Showy Orchis,Yellow Ladies Slipper, Pink Ladies Slipper, Walters Violet 

On Sunday April 26, 2015 the Society had a hike at Whipple State Nature Preserve.  We had crystal clear skies, temp 55, after Sat storms.  Our Co-Leaders David Kuehner and Marjie Becus divided our group of 30 into two smaller groups.  After entering the woods, we walked along the high dry ridge before descending into the lush valley.  (JB photos by Joe Bens, others by Bob Bergstein), Group Photo, American Bladdernut (JB) ,  Crossvine (JB) , White Baneberry , Pennywort Gentian ,  Trillium Flexipes (JB) , Columbine, Miterwort , Goldenseal  , On the trail. 

On Saturday April 11, 2015, Judy Komorowski led a group of twenty to Tower Park in nearby Fort Thomas, Kentucky. After walking down a ravine, where much honeysuckle has been cut, we walked along the undisturbed hillside facing the Ohio River. Many early spring wildflowers. Temperature 50 and sunny. Photos: Group Photo ,  Viking Dragon?  , Cut-Leaf Toothwort ,  White Trout Lily , Sessile Trillium ,  False Rue Anemone , Rue Anemone ,  2" Buckeye Bud ,  Celandine Poppy ,  Dutchman's Britches

On Saturday March 28, 2015, Marjie Becus led our hike to Fort Hill State Memorial.  "We saw lots of snow trillium, Hepatica, and white trout lilies.  It was 24 degrees at the beginning of the hike and the diminutive snow trillium (photo) were frozen!  The forest is great (of course.) 10 in attendance" -Marjie B

On Saturday March 21, 2015, the Society had it's rescheduled hike to Caesar Creek SP. Our leader Dr. Bob Klips showed us many lichens right in the Gorge parking lot. We then crossed the creek and found both lichens and various mosses, collecting small samples for later examination.  After a hot lunch at the visitor center, we used microscopes to explore what we had found.  About 30 in attendance, partly cloudy and 45-55 temperature. Photos- Group Photo , Dr. Bob Klips , hairy lichen , yellow lichen , green lichen , mossBack at the Visitor Center

On Friday March 13, 2015, Brian Hoven of Miami University told us the history and life cycle of the emerald ash borer.  He then described his research showing the effects that ash tree deaths will have on different understory plants, including invasives. Before the lecture, we enjoyed a great potluck. Christine Hadley, Anita Buck, and Randy Johnson were re-elected to the Board. and the Society has increased it annual contributions this year.  Twenty six in attendance at Northern Hills Fellowship on a rainy night, temperature 50 degrees. Photo - Christine H, Brian Hoven, Valerie

On Fri Feb 13, 2015, Dr. Robert Klips of Ohio State University in Marion gave us an excellent talk on the mosses and lichens of Ohio. He descibed the moss life-cycle and showed fine photos of some of our 400 Ohio species including the characters that are used to distinguish them. He then moved on to the unrelated lichens (240 in Ohio), algae and fungus together. For those interested, he mentioned the recent book "Common Mosses of the Northeast and Appalachians" by Karl B McKnight et al, and the website of the Ohio Moss and Lichen Association,   
Dr. Klips provided full tables of amazing mosses and lichens. Photos-
Dr. Klips, Moss Smorgasbord, Broom Moss-Dicranum , Lichen Table , British Soldier Lichen-Cladonia cristatella, Over 50 in attendance, temp 29 degrees

On Sat Jan 24, 2015 we visited Cincinnati Museum Center Library and Archives. Library Director Scott Gampfer showed us some of the amazing documents in the closed stacks such as the first Cincy newspaper from 1793. Print Curator Barbara Dawson showed us some of the Hauck Botanical Collection (  , usually kept in the massive vault.  We saw an original field sketch book from the 19th century and a volume of 18th century artist/naturalist Mark Catesby (a new Museum exhibit and FREE lecture coming in April). We then enjoyed a fine tour of the Art Deco Rotunda and President’s Office led by our guides Barb Jennings and Dee Mason, followed by lunch in the private dining room.  If you missed the tour, you may visit the library (  ) which has regular hours and the free Rotunda tour (  is available on Sat and Sun. You can support our Museum if you like, by becoming a member. About 22 in attendance on fine winter day, temperature 37. Photo of Scott G and Barbara D. 

On Jan 9, 2015,  Andrew Lane Gibson gave a wonderful talk on "Ohio's Wild Orchids and Their Habitats". He showed our 47 Ohio species and the eight habitats where they most commonly occur. He mentioned his favorite books by Fred Case (Great Lake Region) and Michael Homoya (Indiana Orchids); and his own website He is leading three hikes for us this year , the first on May 9 to Adams County.  Large crowd of 70 in attendance on cold 12 degree night. Photo of Andrew       

On Dec 7, 2014 Randy Johnson led our annual Hardy Soul's Hike at Mt. Airy Forest.  Over 20 attended this woodland hike on a fine winter day. Temperature 40 and sunny. Group Photo

About 50 attended our tasty potluck and excellent lecture at Northern Hills Fellowship.  Bat biologist Dr. Dale Sparks told of the dire prospects for our cave-dwelling bats since the US advent of white-nose syndrome in Albany NY in 2006. Former President Vic Soukup attended this meeting. In later December he moved to WV to reside with his son Mark and family. Photo- Bob Bergstein, Dan Boone, and Vic Soukup 

On November 14, 2014 Flower White presented a program on Mothing at Avon Woods.   From a casual observation of moths at her Brown County farm about 8 years ago, she has become quite expert on the diverse and beautiful moths of Ohio.  Using her own fine photos, she gave a summary of the many families of moths. Mothing links and tips 


 On Saturday Nov 1, 2014, we had a large cleanup effort (134 people) at Travertine Fen SNP in the town of Spring Valley, Ohio organized by Christine Hadley and Jim Mason. The goal is to protect this rare habitat and eventually open it to the public . Temperature 30--37, windy, flurries. Photos - by the bikepath  -  heading out -  stiff gentian - cookout -  Christine and Jim 

“What a great volunteer effort at Travertine Fen, Greene Co., Ohio yesterday! We had 134 AWESOME volunteers/workers come out (and it was such a beautiful day- not exactly). Travertine Fen looks a little different now. We're hoping it responds well from the restoration work we did today! We had volunteers from: Beaver Creek Wetlands Association, West Carrollton High School (amazing students!!!), the Faithful Five Oak Openings Stewardship Crew, SW OCVN (Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist), Friends of Little Miami State Park, Little Miami River Kleeners, Clinton County Open Lands Inc, Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves, Ohio Natural Areas & Preserves Association ,Wilmington College, Our own Society, along with all the people from Greene County Parks & Trails. Many, many thanks to everyone who supported us and came out today! Thank you: Cindy Pacura Steffen, Tom Borgman, Cris Barnett, Rick Gardner, Daniel Boone, Rob Evans, Brian Herriott, Mary Jo White, Ann Geise, etc.. Larry Moore came out and interviewed several people so be watching for an article by him soon! I know the best people and I have great friends!!! THANK YOU" - Christine 

On Friday Oct 10, 2014 the Society enjoyed Indiana State Botanist Michael Homoya's presentation of "Little Known Facts About Indiana Wildflowers and Ferns".  He told of Short's Goldenrod, discovered in 1840 on one island near the Falls of Ohio. When the island flooded, the plant was declared extinct until Lucy Braun found the plant in distant Blue Licks Springs, KY in 1939.  In 2001, it was then found by Indiana botanists in Southern Indiana, hence is an Indiana Wildflower.  Attendance 33 on a cool drizzly night.

On Sun Sept 28, 2014 we visited Campbell Lakes Preserve as our Society's event in the annual Great Outdoor Weekend.  Our leaders Denis Conover and Wayne Wauligman led us along the lake, crossing a beaver dam, to the Whitewater River, where we waded in the cool water. Over 30 in attendance, temp rising from 67 to 84 and sunny.  Group Photo , On the Trail , Spider spinning up his tiger beetle , Caterpillar , New England Aster , Wayne and Friend in the River.

On Aug 16, 2014 the Society enjoved a trip to Whipple State Nature Preserve in Adams County.  State Botanist Rick Gardner led our group of 25 on trail and off, including caves.  Sunny and 82 degrees.  Group Photo, Listening to Rick , Cave Dwellers , Crested Coralroot , St Andrews Cross, Blue Mushroom .

On Sat Aug 9, 2014, Botanist David Brandenburg led our group of ten on a wonderful tour of Dawes Arboretum, east of Columbus. In the morning we saw a variety of trees from around the world, David showing (eg) a maple tree with pinnate leaves, the true cedar of Lebanon and various confusingly named "cedars", and the unique Franklin tree, extinct in the wild.  In the afternoon, we visited a former soy bean field, transformed into an amazing native wetland. He showed us aerenchyma in a variety of wetland plants  Temperature 68 warming to 85.  Group photo , bald cypress swamp , sharp-winged monkey flower , Persimmons , Franklinia Tree , giant “DAWES” ,   David-Elberta-Cup-plant-Prairie Dock ,  Flat-Topped White Aster , blue vervain ,  swamp loosestrife , cardinal flower  .

On Saturday July 26, 2014 the Society visited Adams County Lynx Prairie ( group photo with leader Randy Johnson in Red shirt, crested coral root , green milkweed) , Adams Lake SP (American Lotus)  and Chaparral Prairie ( prairie dock, Purple milkwort , pink milkwort, rose pink , dense blazing star ).  Weather 70 at start with brief rain, and warming later to 84 . 13 in attendance.

On Saturday July 12, 2014 the Society enjoyed an excellent hike led by Dr. Don Geiger to Siebenthaler Fen and Koogler Wetland.  We saw a great variety of wetland plants including germander and the bright pink queen-of-the-prairie.  About 24 in attendance and 78 degrees at 10 am. Group photo(Vic Soukup in blue shirt on left and leader Don Geiger in white tee shirt in the middle.  

On May 31,
2014 the Society visited Cedar Bog SNP . More info and photos coming soon. 

On May 24, 2014 the Society, led by Dan Boone, visited Garbry Big Woods in Miami County, Ohio. We saw a variety of plants in this flat wet mesic woods. Group PhotoVirginia Waterleaf, non-woody Smilax, Putty Root Orchid.

We then traveled to Kiser Lake Wetlands SNP in Champaigne County for lunch and a hike,  Equisetum and Skunk CabbageShowy Orchis . Dan and his two favorite flowers.   Weather 65-75 and sunny, 25 in attendance.

On Sat May 17, 2014 the Society had an invasive plant removal at Caesar Creek Gorge SNP. Our small group removed garlic mustard and honeysuckle. This preserve has a dense flora of native plants and is only 45 minutes from Cincy. For a map (where "A" is the town of Oregonia and "B" is the Preserve parking lot on Corwin Road)  click here  . Weather 47-60 with sun and drizzle. Photos- Our group.   , white baneberry and leaf , appendaged waterleaf, fire pink, forest floor with many pink valerian. 

On Saturday May 10, 2014 the Society visited Scioto Brush Creek State Nature Preserve in Scioto County.  Our group of 21 led by Ohio Chief Botanist Rick Gardner saw a nice diversity of spring wildflowers in this long stream-side preserve. Weather 70 and sometimes raining. Photos (by Randy Johnson and Bob B: Leader Rick Gardnerour colorful groupLarge Flower (or Pink) ValerianGreen Dragon and  leaf,  One-Flowered Cancer Root,  Showy Orchis .  

On Sat April 19, 2014
 our Society joined Western Wildlife Corridor for a walk at one of their properties Bender Mountain.  This preserve, open to the public, had a great variety of our native wildflowers in bloom,  including blue-eyed mary, white and yellow trout lillies, wake robins, dwarf larkspur, anemone (true and false), squirrel corn and dutchman's breeches, and many others.  Over 50 in attendence on sunny day, temperature 50


On Friday April 11, 2014 the Society participated in the WWC's Annual Wildflower Festival at Mt St. Joe . (Photo 1- Our booth with Tim Sisson, Christine Hadley and Randy Johnson) 

On Monday April 14, 2014 UC's Biology Department presented an award to Society President Emeritus Victor Soukup in appreciation of his 39 years of volunteer work in the UC herbarium.  Photo 1-the plaque, 2-Vic with presenter Steven Rogstad, 3-Vic with Dr Theresa Culley 


On Saturday April 5, 2014 the Society enjoyed a hike at the Cincy Park California Woods with leader Marjie Becus.  Not much was in bloom due to the cold winter and spring.  Among the flowers we saw are harbinger of spring, Purple Cress, Dutchmans breeches , spicebush , and a few rue anemone and hepatica (with last years leaf). About 19 in attendence ( group_photo ), temperature 45 and partly sunny.  


On Sunday March 16, 2014 Avon Woods had a non-Society 4-hour honeysuckle removal, with Society members Denis Conover, Tim Sisson and others leading a group of 30 students from Univ. of Minn. Temperature 32. 

On March 14, 2014 we enjoyed an excellent potluck at Northern Hills Fellowship. The Society then had it's annual meeting. Diana Boyd, Elizabeth Durrell and Judy Komorowski were re-elected to three year terms. The Society made contributions to Hazelwood Preserve (1000), Nature Conservancy Sunshine Corridor (200), Western Wildlife Corridor (200), Arc of Appalachia (200) and Avon Woods (200).  Robert Glotzhober gave an enlighting lecture on the history and wildlife at Cedar Bog where he will lead our group on May 31. Fifty in attendance. 


On Feb 28, 2014 Andrew Lane Gibson gave a fine talk on "Ohio's Last Great Places" featuring many of Ohio's State Nature Preserves, both near and far.  He has an excellent nature website  . Over 50 in attendence for this event at Avon Nature Center, originally scheduled for Feb 14.  

On Saturday Feb 1, 2014, the Society had an excellent tour of CREW at the Cincinnnati Zoo.  Director of Plant Research Dr. Valerie Pence showed our large group the great variety of research being done. Weather good, 48 degrees.


On Friday Jan 10, 2014, Jeffrey Belth gave an excellent talk on the identification of Ohio's common butterflies, including plants associated with these butterflies.  After the meeting he signed copies of his fine new book "Butterflies of Indiana: A Field Guide", which will be available at our next meeting as well.  A large crowd of 80 were in attendance at this meeting at Avon Woods.  


On Dec 8, 2013 ten hardy souls hiked the snowy trails at Caldwell Nature Preserve, temperature 30 and 6" of snow on the ground.  In spite of the weather, about 30 showed up for our potuck and lecture at Northern Hills. Former President Vic Soukup is not aware of any Society events being cancelled since he first joined in 1958, though one meeting had only the speaker, Vic and one other member!Ohio DNAP Botanist Rick Gardner gave us an update on his Division's many organizational moves in the last 10 years.  The decreasing funding of these years has now stabilized and though not all is optimal, much is being accomplished in protecting our states natural areas and native plants. He thanked the Society for their support in invasive control and funding.


On Sunday Oct 20, 2013, Western Wildlife Corridor and our Society had a joint hike at their nearby Delshire Preserve.  Former land manager of Hamilton County Parks John Klein, and botanists Denis Conover and Marjie Becus led us up the steep creek valley, observing the 200 year old burr oak, and late blooming asters and goldenrods. Over 50 in attendance on a beautiful clear fall day, temperature 58.  Note: this park, open to the public, deserves a visit to see the profuse spring wildflowers.


On Fri Oct 11, 2013 Dr. Amy Townsend-Small discussed the question "Can Green Space counteract Greenhouse Gases?  Answer: Though lawns, soccer fields, and forests each have different small impacts, It is much more important to lower energy usage to control greenhouse gases. 35 in attendance.


Saturday, August 24, 2013, 10 am: Hershner Reserve & Zimmerman State Nature Preserve, Greene County, Ohio (near Xenia, Ohio)Hershner Reserve is one of the most recent wetland additions to Greene County’s preserve system. This unique site has been allowed to return to the original prairie, wetland state that it once was. A simple water grade control devicewas installed allowing flooding, subsequently encouraging the native habitat to return.The Hershner Wetland is a great example of the natural succession that takes place when a farm pasture field is allowed to revert back to its original wetland habitat. The Marianist Environmental Education Center (MEEC) and the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association (BCWA) under the direction of Don Geiger have done a remarkable job of eliminating many aggressive invasives through their land management over the last 5 years.This is an excellent example of what the existing seed bank will produce when allowed to release. Large areas of swamp milkweed, Joe Pye weed, vervain, Golden Alexanders and many other great native wetland species (including lots of sedges) cover extensive areas throughout this closed to the public reserve area. It’s an easy, level walk with mowed paths.After visiting Hershner, we will drive to Zimmerman Prairie State Nature Preserve.Zimmerman Preserve is a remnant of a once-extensive wet prairie fen complex which occurred in the outwash-filled valleys of Beaver and Little Beaver Creek in west central Ohio. This small prairie boasts several species of rare and interesting prairie plants including queen-of-the-prairie,Riddell's goldenrod, prairie dock, big bluestem, Indian grass and Ohio goldenrod. For a recent plant list in Excel, click hereAlthough small in size, Zimmerman Prairie is one of the southern-most fens known in Ohio. It’s located on a small section of land bordered by US Route 35, Research Boulevard(SR 835) and a railroad right-of-way (H-connection bikeway). Don Geiger will lead us through these properties where he and his volunteers have spent countless hours controlling invasives. Come listen to Don as he describes his battle against sweet flag and teasel and other management strategies.Let Christine Hadley know if you will be attending at 513-850-9585 or

Directions to Hershner: Take I-75 north toward Dayton. Take exit #43 to get onto I-675N .Follow I-675N for 13 miles to US 35 East, exit 13A. Follow US-35 E toward Xenia for 3.8 miles and turn right on Shakertown Road. Travel about 0.5 mi. and look for the Cincinnati Wild Flower sign on the right (north) side of the road.For a google map from I-675 to Hershner,  click  here  .Driving time from Downtown Cincinnati is about 1 hour and five minutes.Directions to Zimmerman:  After visiting Hershner, we will caravan to Zimmerman 


On Saturday August 3, 2013 seventeen of us enjoyed a fine walk at Shawnee State Park (and Forest). Park Naturalist Jenny Richards showed us a great number of wildflowers, ferns, and fungi as we walked the Harry Knighton Trail. After lunch Marjie Becus guided us on a little roadside botanizing. The weather was in the 70's but warm in the afternoon.  Group Photo , Yellow Fringed Orchid, Cranefly Orchid , and Indian Pipe 


On Sunday June 9, 2013 the Society again had it's annual picnic at Keystone Flora, the event being held jointly with Northside Greenspace. Twenty seven of us enjoyed a leisurely lunch, then Eileen Frechette told the the history of farming in this valley going back to the 19th century and continuing to today.  She and Diana Boyd then gave a tour of the nursery, followed by a longer walk led by Steve Slack.  For info about Keystone Flora click here.  Temperature a warm 80. 

On Tuesday June 4, 2013 the Society had an excellent tour of the Governor's Residence in Columbus, Ohio led by Curator Marie Alice Mairose.  Former First Lady of Ohio Hope Taft and DNAP's former chief Guy Denny then told the story of the conception and construction of the Heritage Garden as we walked through native plant beds representing all parts of the Ohio.  Fine weather (70 and sunny) with about 20 in attendance.  

On Saturday May 11, 2013 a small group of us helped remove invasives from Caesar Creek Gorge State Nature Preserve. Adam Hoople who manages SNP in SW Ohio was among our group. No garlic mustard, but much bush honeysuckle. This hidden preserve has a beautiful trail by the stream with a profusion of amazing wildflowers. See directions in our May Newsletter. Weather fine and 60.   

On May 6, 2013 There was a Memorial Service for our longtime member Becky Johnson, click here for info 

On Sat April 20, 2013 we had a fine trip to Sally Brown Preserve in Garrard County, Ky.  Twenty of us enjoyed the beautiful flowers, weather 55 and sunny.  This is one of the few of the Nature Conservancy Properties in KY that is open to the public.  Worth the two hour drive. 


On Fri March 8, 2013 DeVere Burt, Director Emeritus of the Cincinnati Natural History Museum told us the fascinating story of the creation of John James Audubon's Birds of America.  DeVere used his own paintings to highlite his 10 year study of this subject. About 40 in attendance.

At the Society annual meeting (before the lecture),  Society President Christine Hadley thanked Steve Albert and Theresa Culley for their service on the Board.  We then unanimously elected two new board members, Elizabeth Durrell and Randy Johnson.


On Friday Feb 8, 2013 Virginia Russell from the University of Cincinnati's DAAP gave an informative lecture on Green Roofs. The placement of living plants on rooftops has advantages such as providing a more insulated building, decreased water runoff and increased habitat for plants and animals. About 35 enjoyed this presentation at Avon Woods. 

On Saturday Jan 26, 2013 the Society had a tour of the scientific collections of the Cincinnati Museum Center which are stored and studied at the Geier Center.  Curators Glenn Storrs, Brenda Hunda, Herman Mays, and Bob Genheimer showed us dinosaurs, trilobites, ivory-billed woodpeckers and a ceremonial Native-American frog pipe.  They explained some of their research. Forty of us enjoyed the tour, and then twenty of us lunched at Chez Nora.

On Friday Jan 11, 2013, Dr. Mike Miller gave an excellent talk on the new technology of hydrofracking (and horizontal drilling) which has transformed the oil and gas industry.  This has lead to great o&g production and lowered prices.  Unfortunately it has created a variety of environmental problems.  About 50 attended this talk, and the food was good as always.  

On Sunday Dec 2, 2012 our Society's Anita Buck filled in for our originally scheduled speaker Dr. Ray Cranfill.  Anita gave us an excellent talk about bats, focusing on those that we find in Ohio.  She discussed their habits, temperaments, lifestyles, the current illness they suffer and the importance of protecting them. Anita has long experience as a bat rehabilitator and brought two of her senior bats to show us.  We hope to reschedule Ray's talk.      

Before the lecture, the Lockwoods told us their annual open house would occur on Dec 28th at 7 pm.  Former Director of ODNR and Society member Guy Denny told us of the new group formed to help Ohio's Nature Preserves. For more info, go to 

Though only a small group attended our Hardy Souls' hike at Winton we had about 38 at the potluck and 45 at the lecture.

 On Friday Nov 9, 2012 our speaker Joe Boggs discussed our new pest Asian Longhorned beetles. These large beetles eat many species of trees but the outlook is good that they may be controlled.  For an excellent 4 page article (in pdf format) by our speaker about the Asian Longhorned Beetle, please click here  or for a video click 

Longhorned Beetle Video    .  


On Sat Oct 27, 2012 seven of us enjoyed our hike at Miami Whitewater Forest's Badlands Trail.  We saw several species of asters (in bloom), many species of trees including shingle oak and a couple hickory species. We saw the uncommon Deam's Mercury (in the spurge family). Weather cold 42 and rain to start, but then sun and 50. 

On Friday Oct 12, 2012 Dr. David Brandenburg of the Dawes Arboretum gave us an excellent workshop on the Aster Family.  Using microscopes,we viewed a variety of plants he had collected, as he explained the features of ray and disk flowers.  There were about 30 in attendance.

On Sunday Sept 23, 2012 over 50 attended our Great Outdoor Weekend Event at Dry Fork Creek at Miami Whitewater Forest.  By far the largest GOW attendance ever, all enjoyed a great time exploring for plants and animals with our leaders Denis Conover and Wayne Wauligman.  Weather was fine, sunny and 70. To See photos click Softshell , Denis and Friends , Wayne Dan and Kids , Wayne and Kids , Group Photo  (photos by Denis C and Bob B.)  

On Friday Sept 14, 2012 over twenty attended our Photo Sharing Program at Avon Woods.  We saw a variety of great photos by Mary Jo White, Marjie Becus, Ann Geise, Stan Lockwood and Gwen Marshall. Excellent refreshments were served.  

On Saturday Aug 25, 2012 Edge of Appalachia Director Chris Bedel told us of the ongoing Natural History surveys at their 14,000 acre property in Adams County, Ohio. Fleas, harvestmen, birds, beetles, plants and more.  Vic Soukup then led our party of 14 to some roadside locales with a variety of wildflowers including tall Larkspur and smooth false foxglove (Aureolaria flava).  Temperature 92 and sunny.  

On August 18, 2012 Judy and Ray Komorowski showed twelve of us around their 37 acre property in Northern Kentucky.  A great diversity of habitats and native plants. And the weather was great (75 degrees).    

On July 19, 2012 Dr. Lee Dugatkin spoke at Cincinnati Museum Center on "Mr Jefferson and the Giant Moose".  Fascinating story of 1700's science in America and France. To view a one-hour c-span video of a similar lecture, click here .   


On July 15, 2012 we visited Shaker Trace wetlands in Miami Whitewater Park. Temp warmed from 75 to 88. Dr. Denis Conover led our group of 13 as we first walked on a trail south of Bauman Road, then walked North from the parking lot along the prairie wetland edge seeing a great variety of prairie plants.  We concluded our trip with a visit to the Miami Whitewater Nursery.  

Native Shrub Workshop- June 16, 2012- We had about 55 people, all had a great time. Zoo's Brian Jorg gave a great talk on Wildflower Propagation, and Chris McCullough talked about replacing honeysuckle with native shrubs that do well in the home landscape. Christine Hadley talked about honeysuckle removal and Debi Wolterman shared a video about her yard resotration project and what native plants do best. Tim Sisson led a walk to Bendor Mountain to end the day. I think it went well.  Keystone Flora was there with native shrubs for sale.- Kathy McDonald 

On Sunday June 10, 2012 we had our annual Picnic, this year at Keystone Flora on Wooden Shoe Hollow Road near Spring Grove Cemetery.  Very relaxing in this country-like setting. Our Board member Diana Boyd gave a Demo on growing wild ginger from seed.  Don't miss it next year.  

On Sunday June 3, 2012 we visited Fernald Preserve. Our group of 20 was led by John Homer.  Fine weather, as we toured several restored wetlands.  

Thursday May 31 - Our member Stan Lockwood reports an amazing display of Queens (Showy) Lady's Slippers at Cedar Bog State Nature Preserve north of Springfield, Ohio. Go soon to see this.  For a couple of Stan's photos, click here or here .

You missed the April 29, 2012 hike to Miami Meadows with over 20 hikers led by Dan Boone.  We walked along the edge of the ballfield where many of the very small buttercup, Low spearwort thrived in the ditch. We then headed into the wet flat forest swamp, with trees such as maple, beech, and hickory above us.  The floor was dominated by poison ivy! with many sensitive ferns and a scattered variety of wildflowers including May apple, jack in the pulpit, spring cress, & green dragon. 

You missed the
April 19, 2012 lecture by Edge of Appalachia Director Chris Bedel at the Cincinnati Museum Center.  Chris enthusiatically described some of the history of the Edge as well as the current research in all areas of natural history.  After the lecture one could buy "On the Edge- A History of the Edge of Appalachia Preserve System". This book, just published by the Cincinnati Museum Center and co-authored by our Society's Anita Buck, tells the story of the creation of this wonderful preserve, including our Society's and our members part in this history.


You missed our Sunday April 15, 2012 hike to Sycamore Park in Clermont County. Over 20 attended this walk near the E Fork of the Miami River. Warm weather, much rain yesterday. We saw appendaged waterleaf, Trillium flexipes, larkspur, May apple, wild geranium, wood poppy, star chickweek, virginia bluebells, golden alexanders, unusual Dentaria diphylla and the quite uncommon (and beautiful) yellow form of the Trillium sessile (toadshade).  For a nice photo, click Here


You missed our April 7, 2012 hike to Highland Cemetery.  Over 20 attended this walk through a quiet wooded stream valley.  Fine weather. We saw phlox, round-leaf ragwort, wild hyacinth, and many more.  There were many rosettes with the arrow shaped leaves of the nodding rattlesnake root. ("Rare- but common where found"- Vic Soukup), which blooms in late summer or fall.



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