The Cincinnati Wildflower Preservation Society (Ohio Native Plant Society, Southwestern Ohio Chapter) prints an annual schedule from Sept to Sept of all our events.   Click on the underlined links below for our current annual schedules, all files are one-page, small, and load quickly, either as "Word" docs or as PDF files.

SCHEDULE COVER has general info, Board, officers, meeting places, membership info etc.

Schedule inside has locations and dates of our events.Details of these events are published in our newsletter in Sept, January and May. (Details are also posted on our homepage.)

   GENERAL INFO                               list of events

SCHEDULE COVER 2022 2023(PDF)  schedule inside 2022 2023 (pdf)   current

SCHEDULE COVER 2022 2023 (WORD)   schedule inside 2022 2023 (word)   current

SCHEDULE COVER 2019 2020          schedule inside 2019 2020 rev feb     archive

SCHEDULE COVER 2018 2019           schedule inside 2018 2019       archive

SCHEDULE COVER 2017 2018           schedule inside 2017 2018        archive

SCHEDULE COVER 2016 2017           schedule inside 2016 2017        archive


SCHEDULE COVER 2015 2016           schedule inside 2015_2016.doc     archive  

SCHEDULE COVER 2014 2015.doc    schedule inside 2014 2015.doc   archive

SCHEDULE COVER 2013-2014           schedule inside 2013-2014  archive as word documents 

SCHEDULE COVER 2012-2013          schedule inside 2012-2013  as Word Documents   

SCHEDULE COVER 2012-2013          schedule inside 2012-2013  as PDF files   

SCHEDULE COVER 2011-2012        schedule inside 2011-2012  archive

SCHEDULE COVER 2010-2011        schedule inside 2010-2011  archive     

SCHEDULE COVER 2009-2010        schedule inside 2009-2010  archive

SCHEDULE COVER 2008-2009        schedule inside 2008-2009  archive

SCHEDULE COVER 2007-2008        schedule inside 2007-2008  archive

SCHEDULE COVER 2006-2007        schedule inside 2006-2007  archive

SCHEDULE COVER 2005-2006        schedule inside 2005-2006  archive

SCHEDULE COVER 2004-2005        schedule inside 2004-2005  archive

                                                          schedule inside 2003-2004  archive









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